Professional Liability

Malpractice suits against professionals are increasingly common in today’s legal landscape. We have successfully represented lawyers, accountants and engineers in the defense of professional liability claims.

The Dearing Law Firm understands a professional liability claim threatens the professional’s reputation and livelihood in a very personal way. That’s why we prepare to win every case at summary judgment or trial, but recognize that it may be in the client’s best interest to avoid the cost, business disruption, and adverse publicity of lengthy court proceedings. In those cases, we make every effort to resolve the case through early mediation and settlement.

The Firm also handles administrative matters related to professional liability, including representing lawyers in grievance and other matters before The Florida Bar and representing other professionals before various administrative agencies or professional organizations.


We have significant experience defending law firms and their insurers in such cases successfully. Our clients benefit from our immediate assessment of and response to the claim and the underlying lawsuit or transaction.


Accounting malpractice cases involve a wide variety of claims, including those involving tax matters, real estate appraisals, and failure to detect fraud or theft in an audit. These cases can be extremely complex and often require extensive pre-trial and pre-settlement investigations. It is especially important for an accountant to select counsel experienced in the unique challenges presented in a complex accounting malpractice case.

Architects and Engineers

New technology, an unpredictable economy, and evolving industry rules and ethical guidelines have resulted in architects and engineers facing an increased exposure to charges of professional malpractice. Engineering and architectural malpractice covers a wide range of matters dealing with the construction, design, engineering mistakes, and inspection of commercial and residential properties. Often these cases are very technical and require close work with the best experts.

Insurance Agent and Brokers

The Firm represents agents and brokers in the insurance industry in a variety of matters, including those alleging errors and omissions, negligence and fraud.

Real Estate and Title Agents

The Firm represents real estate and title agents in matters alleging errors and omissions, negligence and fraud.

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